Why 2iResourcing

For Employers

Why 2iresourcing? We get results

Our unique sourcing methodology ensures that we find the right talent for you every single time.

2iresourcing is a different kind of IT Resource Company. It utilizes a Hybrid approach to IT resource placement practice using a mix of IT consultants (available from IT consulting division) and staffing resources (available from IT staffing division).

  • Find talent effortlessly: As thousands of resumes line up in your inbox, finding the gems can take more time than your organization can afford. With 2iresourcing’s employment services you get over 14 years of expertise to help you sift through the pile. Effortlessly find the right talent as we help you make the right decisions for your organization.
  • Bespoke hiring services: Our hiring services are tailor-made to your exact specifications. With an intimate and intricate understanding of the job market, we extensively filter candidates to identify the right ones for a role. 2iresourcing picks the best of the lot for the specific talent needs of your organization, insuring your new hire fits like a glove.
  • Building Relationships: We know that aligning the professional qualifications of consultants with the technical requirements of our clients is only one part of what we do. Our real job is building trusted relationships—relationships that work to deliver competitive advantage for our clients and rewarding opportunities for our consultants.
  • 2iResourcing is not a traditional recruitment agency:
    Traditional recruitment agencies utilizes only the recruiters (non-technical staff) to short list and qualify the candidates. In today complex technology world it is not possible for those who does not know the technology to short list and qualify the candidates. For this reason 2iResourcing use a hybrid team of IT Consultants and recruitment staff to shortlist and qualify the candidates. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to service both candidates and clients, providing a range of services that complement the traditional recruitment agency.
  • Strong Qualified IT Resource Database: 2iresourcing has been handling various big and small IT implementation projects over last 14 years. Moreover it has been providing resources to various fortune 500 to small scale companies over the period as a result it has built up a strong and huge pool of talents. It has a In house database of more than 25,000 candidates with a wide range of IT experience. This pool of database has helped 2iresourcing in providing the best fit of resources and replacement within a small time frame.
  • Experienced Staff: 2iresourcing team has highly experienced and caring Recruiting & HR Team provide an exceptional experience from start to finish. This team consist of very senior qualified IT professional with huge Industry experience and not just normal recruiters. So the candidates go through a rigorous screening before they are presented to the clients.

For Candidates / Job Seekers

Why 2iresourcing? Don't let opportunities pass you by! Why should you work through us?

Our goal is to connect great candidates to great career opportunities – the kind of job that lets you use your existing skills, expand your experience, and really love going to work every day

Build a career you deserve in the area of your choice

  • Find right jobs: We offer a premium selection of jobs across sectors and levels. From entry level positions to senior roles for the qualified professional, we have roles across. Find your dream assignment today.
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  • Assistance from senior / experienced Consultants: We combine specialist IT knowledge with the backing of a large, respected outsourcing organization. Our consultants are vertical niche specialists, so they can help you match your technical skills to specific roles. They are also passionate about building relationships with candidates, getting to know everyone they talk to so that talent can be placed in the best role for each individual.
  • Learn latest skills: The candidate is further trained to develop his/her skills according to client requirements and on-shore and off-shore support is provided. We provide insights and useful facts which helps you to make successful career decisions. Think of us as your personal development partner. We’ll get to know you, guide and advise, and introduce you to our global client base across a mix of roles.
  • Building resume: While applying for a job it is essential to have a detailed resume which can showcase your talent and potential. 2iresourcing will help you to prepare your Resume according to your line of experience and education. Our experts will discuss about General guidelines, Preliminary Research, Heading, Objective Statement, Education, Employment Experience, Organizational Styles, Reverse Chronological style, Functional Style, Skills Style, Imaginative Style, References etc.
  • Represented with top companies: We help candidates find great opportunities across sectors, regions and designations with some of the best organizations in the country. Register with us and our experts will listen to your needs and career ambitions, to match you with the best tech opportunities within our worldwide client base.
  • Your search ends here: Help us know you better so that we can land you the perfect job.