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How to Start Business

Getting Incorporated

Depending on your business model, there may be some real advantages here. Your accountant can show you many key advantages to becoming incorporated.

Getting incorporated can be done quite quickly and inexpensively by most lawyers and even online. Here are some references to help you get your incorporation started quickly.

Getting a GST Number

Do you need a GST number?
Well, one of the differences between a Contractor and an Employee is that Contractors charge GST for their services in most cases. To charge GST/HST you must obtain a GST Number free of charge from the Federal Government.

GST Registration – Get all the forms and information you need to complete the registration as well as a complete list of all other forms available here. To apply for a GST number on-line, go to:

GST/HST Netfile Registration– GST/HST NETFILE is a new Internet-based filing service that allows certain business clients to file their goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) returns directly to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) over the Internet.

Getting a Security Clearance

Security clearances are required primarily for jobs in National Public Sector. A Security Clearance is an extensive background check that enables you to work in positions in the Federal Government which may require access to secure information. Security Clearances are done by Public Works and Government Services Canada.

There are 5 levels of Security Clearances: Reliability, Confidential, Secret, Nato Secret and Top Secret. This process usually involves reference inquiries, verification of qualifications, criminal records checks, and occasionally credit checks. The current processing time is generally 2 to 4 weeks; however, sometimes an out-of-country check or fingerprints are required and this can result in a longer processing time.

Please speak with your Recruiter during your interview if you plan to apply for positions in National Public Sector and you require a security clearance or if you are unsure if you already hold a clearance.

For more information on Security Clearances, please visit the Government of Canada’s site.

Consultant FAQs

How long does it take before I am presented with a job opportunity ?

The times may vary a great deal. Some individuals may have an opportunity within the first week of registering with a recruiting firm, others may take longer. Our system is designed to find good fit as fast as possible. The key to ensuring success is to provide the recruiter with all of your qualifications and to stay in touch with them.

How should I handle multiple offers when one of them is through my recruiter ?

Honesty is imperative when dealing with a recruiter. By providing them with your given options, they can be very valuable in assisting with the evaluation of all of your offers, and may be able to work a better opportunity for you with their client. A good recruiter puts your interests ahead of their own.

Once I take a new position, should I tell my recruiter to take me off their list ?

Whether or not you decide to stay active in your job search, contact your recruiter to advise them of the status change in your employment. Your recruiter will want to know if they should continue to present opportunities to you, or if you would like to deactivate your file. The final decision is yours. Issues to consider when making the decision to keep your file active or not are as follows: how often are you changing positions and what effect will another quick change make to your resume? Does your new position satisfy all the requirements that you set out at the beginning of your search? Do you want to be tempted by new opportunities within the first year of your new position? Whatever your decision, communicate this clearly to your recruiter so they may act in your best interest.

I have more than one job opportunity being presented. How do I make a decision ?

When evaluating a new opportunity, ensure that you have enough time to evaluate the opportunity, and that you have the full details so that you know the complete package that is being offered. Take time to compare each position to the requirements that you set out as guidelines for your next position. Evaluate what it is that you do not like in your current or previous position, and decide whether either of these positions address those concerns. Put aside the aspects which are the same for both positions, and assess which has the higher appeal to you after that. Once you have completed this process, also review the management team and assess which team you feel is a better match to what you require. Remember that fit is vital.

Is there a monetary difference between working independently or through an agency ?

No, there is no difference in terms of what a contractor is paid. The contractor’s rate remains the same whether they work on their own or through an agency. Clients are willing to pay a premium in order to use an agency to recruit talent for them, relieving them of the time, effort, and responsibility associated with that task. Clients usually develop relationships with two or three agents that they use repeatedly. The agency usually charges between 15% and 30% above the contractor’s rate, but they also offer guarantees to the client for their selection and a backup candidate if the contractor doesn’t work out.

How can I find out what my strengths and weaknesses are ?

Ask your supervisors and co-workers what they value about you and what areas you need to work on. Tell them you appreciate their honesty.

I recently moved to a new city. How do I start networking ?

The best way to network is to look for several user groups or professional organizations in your field that meet locally. Attend as many professional functions as you can and try to meet at least eight new people each time. Remember to introduce yourself with your professional label—this also applies to any social event you attend. And don’t forget your business cards!

How should I record the accomplishments I want to present to the client at the end of my contract ?

Document events in a journal and a detailed timesheet. Then write a summary at the end of your term.

If I’m working through an agency should I wait until the end of my contract before I ask how I’m doing ?

Your agency should check in with you and your client monthly to resolve any problem areas, to let you know how the client feels about you, and to get your client thinking about renewing your contract.

Things to Remember:

  • A positive attitude helps you win contracts and enhance your reputation
  • Meeting deadlines and commitments is the primary way you can add value.
  • Having a professional approach to your assignment also adds value to the project.
  • Effective communication is critical to your professional success.
  • Share innovations and ideas with your client.

Client Stories

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

We know they are grappling with the headwinds caused by disruptive forces. And we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished working shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of them – day in and day out. We work hard to earn their trust – trust in our people, our solutions, our innovation. And when they are facing their most difficult challenges, they turn to our global network of professionals to help them grow. Take a look at some of our success stories to dwell into how we created value for them.

SaskPower is the principal electric utility in SaskatchewanCanada. Established in 1929 by the provincial government, it serves more than 490,000 customers and manages $7 billion in assets. SaskPower is a major employer in the province with over 2,800 permanent full-time staff located in approximately 70 communities

ASF GROUP is an established developer, headquartered at New Delhi (India), specializing in delivering build-to-suit and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and commercial buildings. ASF also renders full range of Facility Management Services to its customers in it projects/properties.

Patheon Inc. is a pharmaceutical company, incorporated in Canada with its corporate head offices in DurhamNorth Carolina, that provides contract development and manufacturing services of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products for approximately 300 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Patheon was implementing SAP system worldwide and in Canada, they were looking for a SAP Training and SAP Support partner for country specific enhancements and to train the complete SAP implementation and end user team.

Home Trust is a federally regulated trust company carrying on business across Canada. They offer wide range of financial product and service alternatives, including mortgages, Visa cards, deposits and retail credit services. They mostly provide banking and mortgage services across Canada.

Vsun is one of the leading Contract Manufacturer of Electronics Goods and Accessories in India. We digitally transformed their business with SAP S/4HANA resulting in dramatic improvements in order promising and inventory levels

Poddar Tyres is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive tyres and tubes in India. We helped them in complete review of business process and remodeling them to adopt global best practices. We helped in evaluation of ERP Solutions and Implementation Partners.

“Brightstar is one of the leading global distribution company having presence in more than 60 countries. A Distribution Management System was developed on SAP Cloud Platform integrated with SAP ECC6.0 in backend.”

“Brightstar Communications is one of the leading manufacturers & Distributor of Electronic Devices globally. We have helped in developing applications with about 20% reduction in development cost and 10% reduction in timelines”

“Luminous is one of the leading manufacturers of Electric Appliances like Inverters, Batteries, Fans, Tubes etc in India. Company has reduced SAP Operations cost by 20% by availing our RA Services.”

“Lava International is one of the leading manufacturers of Mobiles Phone and Accessories in India. We manage their business applications and which helped them reducing operating costs by 30%.”


Mercedes-Benz Inc.

" ……2isolutions went above and beyond to understand our requirements and delivered SAP Solutions exceeding our expectations. Most importantly, they were always responsive to us and were relentless in seeing the job being completed to our satisfaction. Good job! “

Home Trust Company

" We hired 2isolutions to provide in-house SAP training services to our team. They exceeded our expectations and were able to scale their team to provide additional training courses, but also to offer hands-on technical, functional, and design support for our core SAP development initiatives. 2iSolutions have demonstrated their SAP expertise to us and we are leveraging our relationship with them as a SAP solutions provider, resource augmenter and an SAP trainer. Job Well Done! “

UTIL Canada Limited

" ……. The training was “Valuable, well presented and practical scenario based “Very relevant and engaging. It thoroughly met the objectives and I would recommend them as a training provider to all " Thank you 2isolutions…. “


" …….2iSolutions team was hired initially for SAP Training services but soon we realised that 2iSolutions has very deep understanding and expertise in SAP and BI solutions. 2iSolutions team helped us by proposing SAP solutions for complex scenarios, validating the technical design proposed by our consulting partner and by proposing enhancements in the SAP solutions. 2iSolutions team worked as our internal SAP experts for the project. Wonderful support and return on investment….exceeded the expectations! “


At Hansa-Flex, we were in need of a local Canadian Partner for SAP training and support. ….. ….We are very pleased with the work performed for us by 2iSolutions Inc. The complete SAP training project was delivered on time and within budget. I have no hesitation in recommending 2iSolutions Inc. for SAP Training and Projects Consulting.

Grohe Canada

2iSolutions has shown a level of commitment to our SAP implementation that I rarely see from outside consultants – By IT Manager

Lava International Ltd.

2isolutions had done great job for us in terms of conceptualising and designing excellent solutions for us. They had excellent domain knowledge and keenness to solve business problems. We wish great success for them. Good job! Awnindra Tiwari Head Business Applications Lava International Ltd


2isolutions Team has been supporting us in va had done great job for us in terms of conceptualising and designing excellent solutions for us. They had excellent domain knowledge and keenness to solve business problems. We wish great success for them. Good job! Kuldeep Dange IT Head